Why City Professionals Have a Harder Time Settling Down

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Every date and every girlfriend leaves her mark.  With every experience, we learn more about who we are and what we want.  If in high school we just wanted someone who would hold our hand in public (and hold something else behind closed doors), today we want someone with a specific attitude, set of interests, personality, hair color, height, weight, religion, age, profession, ambition, name, eye color, hygiene, morning routine, evening routine, travel preferences, the list goes on and on.

Nobody we date will ever complete the checklist perfectly.  But each person we date will add more requirements.  Try examining your last couple of first dates from the perspective of the “high school you”.  Would you still have left those dates on the curb?  Or would you have been so enamored by the spark that everything else would just magically fall into place?

We know what we want.  But does that knowledge forbid us from appreciating what we have?

So many potential relationships in big cities fail because we believe there’s something better around the corner.  We are the “privileged” generation.  We believe we deserve someone better – someone who will fill every single checkbox.  Yet, our superhuman checklist is unattainable… so instead we hop from first date to first date.  Never settling but always alone.

Yes: you deserve someone wonderful who will sweep you off your feet.  But even the perfect someone will have her imperfect flaws.  We don’t have to embrace the flaws… but perhaps we can let the passionate connection and endearing compromise outshine them.  With time, you’ll become comfortable enough with her that you can mention her morning breath or her open-mouthed chewing.

In the grand scheme of finding someone who cares about you, these are miniscule.  These are changeable.

Take your checklist and strip everything off but the true dealbreakers.  Let yourself become enraptured like you did when you were 17.  After all: you aren’t perfect, either!



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Tuesdays and Sundays Are Best to Land a Date

Looking to score a date for the weekend?  By sending an initial message on a Tuesday or a Sunday, you are twice as likely to get a reply than if you send that message on a Saturday. That’s right: those who plan in advance for the weekend’s rendevouz are far more likely to be successful in landing a partner than those who wait until the last minute.

There could be many reasons for this stark difference in response rates.  Sundays are often lazy days, with plenty of time to log on and reply.  Conversely, Fridays and Saturdays are usually hectic with social activities.  In addition, people who send a message close to the weekend may come off as just looking for a quick date to fill an empty night – especially those sent on a Saturday.  However, sending an initial message well in advance of the weekend demonstrates you are looking for something more meaningful.

Loveawake’s behavioral algorithms track all kinds of user data to arrive at the right matches.  This data also generates statistics that will help online daters regardless of the platform they choose.  In the current analysis, Saturday (the lowest scoring day) was set as the baseline of 1.0 and response rates from other days were benchmarked against it.

Evolved: Sharing our knowledge so you can date better.

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