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Streaming YouTube videos and music files have become a great way of relaxation after the stress of the day. But there are times when we stumble on interesting, informative, and funny videos that we want to have stored up in our device. How is this possible? YouTube does not have this feature. So, what do you do?

The answer is simple, YouTube downloaders. YouTube downloaders are web-based or software that helps users download YouTube videos successfully into their devices. It is safe and mostly legal because you are not violating copyright laws. But the challenge now is trying to find the right platform that is most convenient and efficient.

This is one of the best audio and video and document converter and editor platforms available. It enables users to legally download high-quality YouTube videos and music files directly into their devices. The platform has recorded over 90,000 successfully downloaded files. This is because they set a standard that is tough to beat. also allows you to download YouTube videos and music files in any format you prefer, like mp4, Avi, Flv, etc. You can also choose to convert the downloaded files into other formats if you wish. The steps required are also very simple to undertake, and the total download time is less than 5 minutes.


You can now download videos and music files directly from YouTube by using a software program known as Winx. Winx allows its users to download YouTube videos and music files in any supported file format of their choice. The range of formats includes mp4, mp3, avi, Flv, MOV, Ogg, etc.

One useful feature of Winx platform is that they also allow users to download content from other platforms without any alteration to the quality of the file downloaded.  The platform has a user-friendly interface that downloads the files at super-fast speed. is a leading platform in YouTube videos downloader. It is easy, reliable, and fast. The steps taken are just to copy the URL link from the YouTube page to the platform and click on “start now.” It is as simple as that, and you have high-quality YouTube files successfully downloaded in your device.

This platform does not place any restrictions on your number of downloads. So, you can choose to download as many files from YouTube as possible, provided you have the storage capacity for it. The platform does not require any software installation or sign-up process. It is a free platform that also allows you to download your YouTube content in any file format.


This platform is known to leave online users satisfied. They achieve this by ensuring that they download their favorite video and music content from YouTube easily and in high quality. With over a million successful downloads worldwide, we can say that they are reliable and efficient. 

iTubeGo also allows you to access and download music and video content from other websites and social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Dailymotion, etc. Also, you can download your files in any supported file format and also high-quality display resolution. You are only required to install the software on its supported operating systems like Windows, Android, macOS, etc.


SConverter is another wonderful platform used to successfully download YouTube videos and music for free. It also downloads the content files at high definition too. There are no restrictions whatsoever to the number of downloads a user can carry out per time. This is an added advantage to the fact that it is also legal.

The platform, SConverter, is used to download YouTube videos and files in any supported file format like mp3, mp4, avi, Flv, MOV, Ogg, etc. SConverter is fast in downloading, and the steps taken are as simple as copying and pasting URL links from YouTube to the platform and clicking on “start.”


One of the most reliable and efficient platform to download YouTube videos and music is Keepvid. They are ranked as a top online YouTube downloader and converter. This platform specially allows its users to access, download, and convert files from other websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, etc.

When compared to some other download sites, it was found out that they had a better download quality. They support downloads in various supported formats like mp4, mp3, Flv, etc. The platform is free, and it does not require you to go through the stress of installing any software.


Now you can enjoy high-quality YouTube files thanks to these wonderful platforms created. All it requires is just easy steps and in a short time frame too. These platforms are legal in their dealings.

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