Credit Transfer Degree The Best Way to Complete Your Discontinued Studies

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Credit Transfer Degree – The Best Way to Complete Your Discontinued Studies!
You may have been rejected from a college or university when you approached them with a
desire to earn a degree in your life. In such cases, you will be disappointed and frustrated. There
are millions of students in India and abroad in the same shoes as you. Nevertheless, do not be
disheartened. You have a wonderful option of enrolling your name for a credit transfer degree.
There are also situations in life when you find yourself in a wrong college or university, and you
want to change it. Is it viable in the middle of your studies? Of course, you have the options to
switch your college and university even in the halfway between your studies. The credit transfer
system of studies is the answer to your difficulty today.
Earning a degree in Arts, Science or Engineering is a dream for everyone. Millions of students
send applications to reputed colleges for degree admissions and most of the times they do not
issue the admission letter for reasons beyond your control. In this process, you may lose many
valuable years of your studies. In these situations, you get a lifetime chance of enrolling your
names for fast track degree courses in reputed universities across India.
Most of the times we try our best, but things don’t fall in our way. There is one or other reasons
for the same. In these crucial times of your life, you may think of pulling out from your venture
to pursue the course. Do not take drastic steps which can be very costly in the latter part of your
life. Hence, make the most of the option of earning a credit transfer degree in India.
What is a Credit Transfer Degree?
The options of credit transfer provide you with the chance of doing your degree again or do it
even better. Credit transfer is the option to transfer your present credit to another university and
continue the same studies there. Here, you do not lose your academic years or credits you have
earned in your previous college or university. To make it clearer, let’s say it in this way. If you
have completed your second year of degree studies from a recognized university, you can enrol
your name in another university for the third year of your studies. In this instance, you can
complete your degree studies in a single year. If you have completed only the first year of your
degree, you can be enrolling your name for the second year degree studies in a credit transfer
degree. Hence, you can complete your graduation in two years.
The Degree Courses you can complete under Credit Transfer
Are you a student of a UGC recognized University? If so, you have an excellent opportunity to
earn a credit transfer degree in the following courses. These degrees include BA, BLIS, BBA,
BCA, BCOM, BSC, B.Tech, Accounting and Nursing. If you have completed the first year of
your studies in any one of these degree courses from a recognized university, you can transfer
your credit to a new university, and continue with your second year studies. If you have passed

the second year from a recognized university, you can move to a new university and complete
the graduate studies in one year. To enjoy this, both universities should fall under UGC

Below are some of the Recognized Universities in India
UGC recognized universities are apt for a credit transfer degree studies. Following are some of
the accredited universities in India. Osmania University, Bharathiar University, Madurai
Kamaraj University, Himalayan University, Annamalai University, Kakatiya University, Dr CV
Raman University, Gitam University, SV University, Calicut University, Vinayaka Mission
University, Gulbarga University, Periyar University, VTU University, Madras University,
Karnataka State Open University, SRM University, Bangalore University, JnTuh University,
Mysore University, Glocal University, NEFTU University, Magadha University, IGNOU
University, Ranchi University, Jiwaji University, BATU University and many more include in
this list. You are free to consult any one of the educational institutions to know more details
about these universities and the courses they offer for students across India and aboard.
The Reasons you should opt for a Credit Transfer Degree
Students of a recognized college or university can take up credit transfer degree studies. You
have the freedom to transfer all the credits to another institute and continue your studies. There
are several reasons for students opting for credit transfer, and some of them are the following.
Migrate to a Better University: This is a significant reason to opt for credit transfer
studies. If you are not satisfied with your present university, you can migrate to a better
university with an excellent reputation and UGC approval and other mandatory
Social Circumstances: We all belong to a system of social setting. If you don’t find
yourself comfortable in an institution, the better option is to change it. If you feel that the
existing system in your institution is affecting your grades, a transfer is a suitable option
for you at this time.
Continue a Discontinued Degree Study: If you have discontinued your degree studies, the
credit transfer system provides you with an excellent opportunity to transfer your credit
and start from where you have stopped. You can continue the stopped degree study in a
new university.
Financial Reasons: Money issues may be another reason for your change of University.
The credit transfer degree studies offer you chances of moving to budget-friendly
Moving to a New Location: If your family has moved to a new location and you cannot
stay in your previous place anymore, you have to continue your degree studies from a
new university. Hence, credit transfer is the best option at this time.

We are all unique beings, and we have our situations, and there may be reasons other than the
above mentioned. Hence, use your diligence and choose credit transfer option to pursue your
degree studies in a better setting.
Things to Keep in Mind while Moving to a New University
Obtaining a credit transfer degree provides you with endless opportunities in life. A degree in
your preferred subject is all you want to succeed in life. Hence, you have to choose the
perfect university for study. The university should have the right infrastructure and other
facilities to conduct teaching and learning activities smoothly. A University with the
culmination of all the right factors is the right choice of study. Hence, you have a lot of
things to keep in mind while moving to a new university under the credit transfer system.
Accreditation of the University: A university with the right accreditation can run a valid
degree course. In India, UGC approves universities and their courses, and in addition to that,
all universities must register with AICTE. You should enquire about it and do necessary
research to find if the University you choose to study has necessary approvals and
accreditations. Beware of the fake universities. Move through proper channels and no one
can deceive you.

Benefits of a Credit Transfer Degree
There are numerous benefits if you earn a credit transfer degree. You have the freedom to
pursue your studies without losing any of your academic years. It is a system to migrate to a
university of your choice in the middle of your degree studies. It is very convenient for
students moving to a distant location. They can continue their studies in a new university
near to their new location.
Credit Transfer degree is an excellent opportunity for students in India and aboard to migrate
to a university without losing the credits they have earned. Most of the students have realized
the benefits of these programs in their academic life and have embraced it wholeheartedly.
We exhort you also to make use of the credit transfer system of studies and become the boss
of your destiny.

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