Fun facts about the Nike Air Jordan

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The Nike Air Jordan is a famous line in the world of sneakers, not only because of the legendary basketball player, but also the beautiful designs. It is already outstanding just by its name. It is the combination of the big brand Nike and the basketball superstar and legend Michael Jordan. That’s why these Jordan sneakers get so much attention. In this article, let Shopgiayreplica  show some facts about the Air Jordan.

  1. Michael Jordan did not want to sign with Nike.

Michael Jordan wanted to sign with Adidas when left the University of North Carolina in 1984. He was so interested in the brand that if he got the close deal with the German company, he’d sign with them. However, it wasn’t as what he expected, so he ended up signing with Nike.


  1. The story behind the Nike Air Jordan "Wings" logo.

The sneakers have a cool ball-and-wings logo which was created by Peter Moore from Nike. However, he is not the one who named them. The "Air Jordan" name was named by David Falk who wanted Jordan to be treated more like a tennis player. It’s a little bit weird but at the time, these professionals got more of the signature product.


The Nike Air Jordan line soon became popular

  1. Michael Jordan wasn’t into the "black and red" sneakers.

When the black and red Jordan 1s was first presented to Jordan, he thought those were the Devil colors and that he couldn’t wear them. Part of the reason might be because he did not want the colors of rival NC State.

  1. People were not optimistic about the first Air Jordan 1.

At the moment, everyone knows who Michael Jordan is and why he is a legend. However, when the Nike Air Jordan 1 were designed and marketed, his name wasn't that popular and therefore, many people didn’t think that anyone would buy them. Jordan did not make Nike disappointed as he became the most exciting player in the NBA. And there is no doubt that the shoes were sold out quickly when they were released. In Vietnam, Fan sneakers were standing a long line to get a nice pair of Nike Jordan Rep at 161 Chua Lang, Dong Da, Hanoi at stores of Shopgiayreplica.


  1. The Nike Air Jordan II was the first luxury basketball sneakers.

Italy is known to be the fashionable country in Europe because there are so many luxury brands coming from here. Interestingly, the Jordan II was the only pair of Jordans to be made in this country. It became the first luxury sneakers with the faux lizard skin on the upper and its design was inspired from a women's boot. You will see the similar design with the Air Jordan XII. They are both high-end basketball sneakers.

  1. Michael Jordan wanted to leave Nike before the Air Jordan III released.

From the beginning, Jordan wasn't interested in Nike. The reason he agreed to sign is because Peter Moore and Rob Strasser successfully convinced him to. So when they left, he was thinking about leaving the brand as well. However, when the designer Tinker Hatfield came up with the idea for the Nike Air Jordan III, he decided to stay.

  1. The Air Jordan V was the first basketball sneaker that comes with 3M.

The evolution of the Air Jordan sneakers hasn’t stopped. The Air Jordan V features 3M material and this is the first pair in the Nike Air Jordan line to do so. The designer made the sneaker look more flashy under the lights.


Jordan did not want to sign with Nike at the beginning

  1. Michael Jordan was injured in the Air Jordan VI.

During the NBA finals in 1991, MJ had an injury with his foot in the second game. But he managed to go through the game without saying anything. He even refused to change the shoes to a better pair in order to help protect the injury.

  1. New designs for the Nike Air Jordan still came out when Michael Jordan retired for the first time.

Jordan’s retirement was a shock, however, his decision to pursue baseball did not stop Tinker Hatfield from designing new models for the Air Jordan line. That was a wise decision because the superstar soon came back to the NBA. Tinker was right to continue to design new Air Jordans. Otherwise, the Jordan line might have disappeared after MJ’s first retirement.

  1. MJ did not like the Air Jordan X.

When Hatfield showed Michael Jordan the Air Jordan X, he was unhappy as he wasn’t consulted on the final design. Then he made Hatfield change the design a little bit, such as adding a strip of leather across the toe. It is said that he would even make up the financial difference if this model wasn’t sold as well as the previous ones.

  1. The inspiration for the Air Jordan XI was a lawn mower.

Tinker Hatfield admitted that he was inspired by a lot of strange things when designing Jordans. And perhaps the most strange one is a lawn mower. The protective cover inspired the designer to create the iconic Nike Air Jordan XIs.

  1. MJ wore the Air Jordan XI to play before it was released.

MJ was very excited when he saw the design of the "Concord" XIs that he wore them to play during the Bulls playoff run in 1995. At the time, the model wasn’t released yet. So he convinced Nike to go with the sample-version design in the following season.

  1. A lot of people wore the Air Jordan XI with suits.

Because the Air Jordan XI features smooth patent leather, MJ thought that it would get dressed up with suits. What he predicted became real as the model soon became the iconic sneakers when people wore them with suits. At the time, this was not common, so the fact that people wore them to a wedding or any big occasion was a big deal. Hope after these fun stories, fan sneakers of Shopgiayreplica from 161 Chua Lang, Hanoi understand more about Nike Air Jordan to get an exact insight about this. Read more at

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